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EnBrace HR/MF 
A natural & safe option
for managing depression

Antidepressants aim to alleviate symptoms,
EnBrace HR/MF actively targets the biochemical root cause of what's wrong.

The Process of Methylation

Effectively managing depression requires an initial understanding of the intricate process of methylation—a vital cellular mechanism that occurs 24 hours a day in every cell of the body. This process is remarkably important for mental wellness, given its crucial role in neurotransmitter production, the chemicals that shape our mood. The complex nature of methylation starts with the ingestion of vitamins and minerals through both food and supplementation. Subsequently, the body transforms these essential nutrients into an active and usable form through metabolism. This ongoing process repeats throughout our lifespan. While it typically operates smoothly for many individuals, some encounter difficulties in vitamin metabolism, potentially leading to symptoms related to depression and impacting overall mental wellness.

"Vitamin intake is not the problem, it's vitamin well we metabolize those vitamins to the active forms needed by the brain are what can put you at risk for various illnesses and now we have a way to circumvent all of those genetic variances"

Andrew Farah, MD , Chief of Psychiatry, High Point Division of UNC Healthcare

Getting Methylation on Track

Incomplete methylation can be caused by a malfunctioning biochemical process stemming from ones genes. One of those genetic markers is commonly known as MTHFR polymorphism.  MTHFR polymorphism is the inability to properly convert vitamin B9 into an active form called methylfolate. The way to correct improper methylation involves circumventing the problem through the utilization of premetabolized vitamins and minerals.

An All Natural, Clinically Proven Solution

Recent studies underscore the pivotal role of methylfolate (an endpoint metabolite of vitamin B9) and other essential, reduced vitamins and minerals in fostering proper methylation, thereby supporting overall mental health.  EnBrace HR/MF is a medical food containing L-methylfolate that addresses the biochemical root cause of depression by supplying important, active vitamins and minerals (coenzymes and cofactors) at the cellular level. EnBrace HR/MF's unique formula, which is backed by published clinical trials, normalizes and balances neurotransmitter production, reduces homocysteine (a potentially toxic, sulphur-bearing amino acid that can lead to cell inflammation and cardiac disease), and helps ensure full and proper methylation. Whether a person's folate deficiency is caused by genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle choices, or other outside factors, EnBrace HR/MF provides the needed premetabolized vitamins and minerals, and unique omegas to manage symptoms related to depression and address overall mental wellness. ​ ​


did you know EnBrace HR (EnLyte) was used in the first ever clinical trial that included patients with Major Depressive Disor

EnBrace HR (EnLyte) was used in the first ever clinical trial that included patients with Major Depressive Disorder and MTHFR polymorphism? 



Published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
330 Adult Patient, Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study


Dr. Andrew Farah was named "Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association" in 2015 for his teaching, research, and his original contributions to the field.  He is widely regarded as an expert on the "homocysteine theory of depression". He was former Chief of Psychiatry at the High Point Division of the University of North Carolina and is currently Associate Program Director at Cone Behavioral Health in Greensboro, NC.

Clinical Trial Results

EnBrace HR (EnLyte) has been clinically shown to improve depressive symptoms in patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and who also tested positive for an MTHFR polymorphism. Patients had a 75% improvement and 42% remission rate.

Fast Acting

EnBrace HR  goes to work fast. Patients in a monotherapy study began seeing results in as little as 2 weeks.  


EnBrace HR is safe. Participants in the study did not report any side effects greater than placebo.

Clinica trial


"There is consistent and growing evidence of a role for various folate forms in the prevention and treatment of depression... [Adding] Folate can also be used to enhance antidepressant efficacy  from the start of treatment or for patients who are already on antidepressant treatment"

Andrew Farah, MD

Clinical Psychiatry

Case Report

Coenzyme Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Depression: A Case Series

A 22 Case Report Series on Children and Adolescents using EnBrace HR (EnLyte)

Andrew Farah, MD case series on EnBrace HR/MF

"Vitamin-based coenzyme therapy offers the advantage of safety while addressing the genetic, root cause of depression"

Farah A, Madan G (2021) Coenzyme Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Depression: A Case Series. Clin Psychiatry Vol.7 No. S3:93.

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